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Elevate your online presence with Jellie Digital, the premier SEO Agency in Edinburgh. Engage your target audience through the strategic expertise of our SEO professionals. Trust us to deliver tailored solutions that drive your digital success.

A Leading SEO Agency in Edinburgh

As we have been the perfect partner for all your digital marketing needs, we continue to be your trusted SEO agency in Edinburgh. Our specialisation lies in revealing your business’s true potential in the digital realm, ensuring that your website is prominently featured when it matters the most. We excel at capturing the attention of potential clients actively seeking your products or services.

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, visibility is the key to success, and our professional SEO services act as your gateway to an enhanced online presence. Join us on a journey to secure that coveted top position on major search engines, including Google. Our commitment is unwavering – to secure a prime spot for your business in search results, driving organic traffic that converts into valuable leads and new customers.

As a local SEO agency in Edinburgh, UK, we understand the significance of a tailored approach that caters to the unique demands of the local market. Our comprehensive SEO strategy encompasses various elements, from meticulous website design and content optimisation to strategic keyword placement, site speed enhancement, Google Business profile optimisation, backlink building, and authority establishment. Together, these efforts catapult your website to the forefront for high-value search terms, resulting in an expanded client base, increased sales, and greater profits.

“Enhance your business today with our unbeatable SEO expertise!”

Ignite the prowess of your business through our personalised SEO innovations strategically crafted to conquer the digital frontier. Unleash a wave of visibility and profit like never before! realm, ensuring visibility and success when and where it matters most.

SEO Efficiency in Edinburgh

As a Local SEO Agency in Edinburgh, we understand the significance of professional SEO services for businesses to thrive digitally. In the vibrant landscape of Edinburgh, local SEO is not just a service; it’s a strategic necessity. Our Local SEO Services in Edinburgh are tailored to catapult your business to the forefront of local searches, ensuring that your potential customers find you precisely when they need your products or services.

Our Professional SEO Consultants in Edinburgh meticulously analyse your market, employing strategic keyword placement that ensures your website ranks high on search engine results pages.

But SEO is not just about visibility; it’s about relevance. Local SEO Services in Edinburgh allow you to connect with your target audience hyper-locally. Your business becomes a go-to choice when potential customers in Edinburgh search for products or services you offer.

Our Professional SEO Services in Edinburgh encompass a comprehensive strategy, from enhancing site speed and optimising content to building authoritative backlinks and fine-tuning Google Business profiles. This holistic approach results in increased visibility and improved user experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Let our SEO experts guide you through the digital maze, ensuring your website becomes a powerful asset that drives growth, attracts local customers, and establishes your brand as a leader in the Edinburgh market. It’s not just about being found; it’s about being seen by the right audience at the right time.

SEO – the driving force behind digital triumph in Edinburgh!


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Our expertise in formulating highly effective SEO strategies ensures your website thrives financially. Through focused strategic keywords, we enhance visibility and pave the way for increased profitability, making your business a magnet for potential clients.


Elevate your website's knowledge quotient with Jellie Digital's prowess in SEO strategy. By targeting relevant keywords and optimising content, we guarantee a website that ranks high and positions your business as an authority in its field.


Our SEO strategies go beyond visibility. Through captivating content and dynamic keyword strategies, we ensure your website attracts and holds the attention of your audience, fostering meaningful connections and driving sustained online engagement.

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Our SEO Includes:

SEO Agency UK & PPC Agency Analysis

Market & Keyword Analysis

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence through our comprehensive Market & Keyword Analysis. We go beyond surface-level insights, meticulously examining competitors and engaging in strategic keyword research. By delving into market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor strategies, we empower your decision-making process, ensuring it is positioned for success in the dynamic and ever-evolving digital landscape.

SEO Agency in the UK

Technical SEO

Experience the pinnacle of website optimisation with our Technical SEO expertise. At Jellie Digital, we delve deep into the intricacies of your website's technical framework to enhance its performance and visibility. It ensures that search engines understand and index your content accurately. Our dedicated team of Professional SEO consultants in Edinburgh employs a meticulous approach, addressing critical factors such as site speed and mobile responsiveness.

On page SEO with Agency in UK plus PPC Agency

On-Page SEO

We enhance your website's relevance and visibility on search engine results pages through strategic keyword placement, compelling meta tags, and optimised content. We go beyond the basics, encompassing thorough content analysis, internal linking strategies, and user-friendly navigation. Whether crafting compelling meta descriptions or optimising header tags, our goal is to elevate your website's ranking, drive organic traffic, and provide visitors with a satisfying online journey.

Off page SEO with Agency UK

Off-Page SEO

Elevate your online authority and expand your digital footprint with our Local Off-Page SEO services in Edinburgh. Beyond the realms of your website, Off-Page SEO is the key to establishing your brand as an industry leader. Our specially curated Off-Page SEO initiatives extend to social media engagement, content marketing, and online reputation management and boost your website's credibility and relevance in the eyes of search engines.

Google Page 1 SEO Agency or PPC Agency

Local SEO

Our comprehensive Local SEO approach extends to local citations, online reviews management, and localised content creation. By establishing a robust local presence, we improve your rankings in local search results and enhance your reputation and credibility within your community. It includes strategically placing location-based keywords; our Local SEO services in Edinburgh are designed to make your business easily discoverable by customers in your vicinity.

Google Business profile for local SEO Agency UK

Google My Business Profile

Optimising your GMB profile goes beyond just filling in the details. We strategically incorporate local keywords, utilise relevant categories, and leverage the latest features offered by Google to enhance your visibility in local searches. Our meticulous approach guarantees that your business appears in the coveted local map pack, driving increased foot traffic and online interactions. Partner with us to unleash the full potential of your Google My Business profile.

Use SEO to go international with UK Agency

International SEO

At Jellie Digital, we navigate the complexities of international search engine algorithms to position your business as a global contender—partner with us to unlock the potential of International SEO and let your brand flourish globally. From optimising for diverse search engines to embracing cultural nuances, we ensure that your business speaks the language of success in every corner of the world.

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What Our Clients Say

Rob Stanton
Rob Stanton
21 December 2023
Kellie was awesome to work with in developing my website. She was very patient as I was building the business and was hence slow to respond to her requests. She communicated well, and produced a very visually appealing and practical website for a very reasonable cost. I recommend her to anyone looking for a website developer.
Charles Calvert
Charles Calvert
7 August 2023
Kellie and Jellie Digital are in one word, FANTASTIC! Kellie guided me through my options, costs and designs. She and the team built a brilliant website for my business. Kellie goes over and beyond for me. You have been such a help, thank you. Highly recommend. UK client.
David Rodriguez munguia
David Rodriguez munguia
4 July 2023
Really happy with the personal and professional treatment. The results have been crucial to growing my local business. I was nervous at first about contracting an Agency, because of fear of cost and it being an impersonal service - this has not been the case at all! Their team offers an intimate service where I deal directly with the owner/marketing manager. Their results are great and they are also very cost friendly.. they have even honestly instructed me away from certain additional services due to them not being cost effective for my type of business. I really appreciate this honest approach where as other agencies might have taken advantage. My business has grown significantly through the strategy they have implemented. I am receiving more new leads and more new customers. Overall I am very happy and would highly recommend working with Kellie and Jellie Digital.
Jack Harris
Jack Harris
26 May 2023
Kellie and her team offer great customer service, they resolve any doubts you may have quickly and efficiently. We are really happy with our new website and the SEO results so far. Looking forward to continuing to work together.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Keyword research is vital in SEO as it helps identify the terms and phrases potential customers use when searching online. Strategic keyword usage enhances visibility and drives targeted traffic.

Local SEO in Edinburgh is crucial for businesses as it helps them gain visibility within the local community, making it easier for potential customers to find products or services in their vicinity.

Google My Business is a key factor in local SEO for Edinburgh businesses. Optimizing your GMB profile enhances local visibility, provides essential business information, and increases the chances of appearing in local search results.

While social media itself doesn’t directly impact SEO rankings, a strong social media presence can contribute to increased brand visibility and engagement, indirectly influencing SEO performance in Edinburgh.

Mobile optimisation is crucial for SEO in Edinburgh, as a significant portion of local searches is conducted on mobile devices. Ensuring a responsive and mobile-friendly website enhances user experience and positively influences rankings.


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